Customer Pick Up


2460 Alder St
Eugene OR 97405

CUSTOMER PICK UP means you pick up inflatables and/or party equipment and do the set up yourself. You will be provided with an instruction sheet that will help you with the set up and break down of the unit.


1) You must use a vehicle that allows for safe hauling of the rented equipment. A PICK UP TRUCK, LARGE SUV, OR VAN IS REQUIRED.

2) It is recommended that you have a hand dolly or direct off loading access from your vehicle to your set up location. This is to ensure that the heavy inflatable is not dragged across the ground at your location which may damage the equipment.

3) It is also recommended that there are at least two strong people to help set up, maneuver, and move the Bounce House once you arrive at the set up location. Bounce House can weight over 200 lbs and require heavy lifting.

4) You agree to NOT set up the Bounce House on rocks, sticks, tree root systems, or any other obstruction that might damage the inflatable.

5) You agree to return the equipment in the same condition that you received from us.

Damage Fees:

  • $50 Rerolling
  • $100 = Cleaning
  • $200 – $500 = Damage
  • $4000 = Replacement (If the unit is not repairable/able to be cleaned)